Monday, September 19, 2016

More panic over falling birth rate

It's like a parallel universe. At the environment meetings all the governments pledge to drop carbon emissions by numbers like 90%. What could be more helpful than people voluntarily deciding to reduce birth rates? But the growth advocates were never telling the truth about reducing carbon emissions, and their panic over birth rates gives them away. They are careful not to mix the two subjects, treating them as unrelated.
Japan has a worrying number of virgins, government finds | The Independent: "This is not unique to Japan -- in various parts of the developed world, economic uncertainty is reshaping the way millennials and other young people conceive of their sex lives and marital choices. But it's particularly pronounced in the Asian nation, where experts and government officials have spent the better part of a decade fretting over the country's population decline and, as WorldViews once put it, "sexual apathy.""
When cities are car-free, people will urbanize more, and birth rates will fall even faster. This is our best hope for long-term human survival. The carbon is already in the air. Along with zero emissions, we need to reduce the amount of human activity, regardless of energy source. Our population is going to reduce, one way or another. We should be grateful for those declining to have children, and make it easier for them.