Thursday, June 28, 2018

Americans do not have the understanding needed to prevent fascism

People are noticing that the conditions in the US are drifting to fascism, and are asking how to stop it.

A lot of people think that as long as the middle class has some rights there is hope to turn things around.

But very few understand that the US is locked in to a liquid fuel system. The economics of unwinding trillions of dollars worth of fixed, hard, autosprawl assets do not compute. Even a financial crash would not be enough.

This is the power behind the racism and inequality. As long as a significant number of people see the leafy suburb as a goal. There will be no relief. 

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Deborah Rosen said...

And yet suburbs can be revamped to include destinations for groceries and schools that are in walkable bikable distance. You're saying that in the States, white people don't want an integrated society? And the petrolem industry takes advantage of that?