Friday, June 29, 2018

Free public transport brings many benefits in Estonia

Tallinn - Mr Savisaar said the European Union institutions are monitoring the experience of Tallinn and other cities that have transferred to free public transport with a serious interest and they very often ask at international forums why does Tallinn offer public transport for free.
“Actually, it would be more appropriate to ask why the majority of the cities in the world still do not provide free public transport. How to justify the subsidy rate reaching 60-70 per cent and sometimes even higher paid from the public budget for a public service, which due to its cost is still not available for many people. If we considered public transport worthy of such a subsidy, we must ensure that all people wishing to use it could do so,” Mr Savisaar said.
On the example of Tallinn, it could be said that, above all, public transport gives new opportunities for people with average and low income. “The employment rate in the city has improved, as free transport extends the area of job search in the city. The fact has at least the same important side for the employers as well – finding the potential required labour is cheaper and they need fewer investments in parking spots for private vehicles.