Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Anti-China campaign will backfire

In the US, both political parties are ramping up anti-China feeling.

There are several problems with this plan:
  • To strike back, China need only announce intent to sell US government bonds.
  • Racism tends to kill its host. East Asians in the US will become estranged.
  • The US has very a serious problem -- a crumbling infrastructure.
The last point is the most important, and the least discussed. There is plenty of chatter in the US political about everything except the second law of thermodynamics. To put it simply, things decay.

Engineers calculate that the US needs $3T just to make infrastructure safe. But, on top of that, sprawl infrastructure needs constant energy input.

It will take the US many years to unwind sprawl. In that time it should not be provoking other countries.