Tuesday, May 5, 2020

US got caught in between virus and economy -- now in deep trouble

There is no doubt that quick response is necessary when dealing with an exponentially spreading virus.

Yet some countries, notably the US, tried to dodge the problem. Mathematically, they could have lost a couple million lives and come out with little economic disruption.

That failed when it became obvious that an overflow of healthcare facilities would make this plan a very noisy and unpleasant affair.

So they changed horses and tried to mitigate viral growth with "stay home" and "personal distance."

These weak measures got them into the worst of both worlds. Now any direction they go will fail.
  • Suppression of virus -- would require measures that would lead to major social upheaval.
  • Continue Stay-home -- social upheaval plus economic stagnation.
  • Open up all -- return to virus exponential growth, which increase fear of going to work.