Saturday, May 9, 2020

What is coming for the US -- Virus is just getting started

US bankers have already looted the cash-register. By direct FedReserve gifts of printed money to banks and by gifts of borrowed money through the federal government.

There is little left to steal, but the virus is just getting started. People are scared to work, and unable or unwilling to spend money. Long slow stagflation with much suffering is here.

There will intense campaigns to increase all possible divisions among the people and between the people and foreign countries. Racism will be the major weapon, but other divisions such gender and age will also be used.

People need to become politically active. Join or form local groups. These groups can push government to provide free services or provide them itself. Get away from sprawl and individualism and move to urban communal sharing. Think about how to deal with armed right-wing gangs.

Suburbs should become farms again. Cities should be car-free.