Monday, July 29, 2013

Fare increases for public transport are self-defeating

Scoop News: "Today's revelation of fare increases proposed for Auckland buses after the rollout of Auckland Transport’s Hop card are particularly senseless and self-defeating.

This proposal will INCREASE traffic congestion as passengers swap to their cars to avoid the higher fares – up to three times as much in some cases.

It’s a senseless proposal and the opposite of what Auckland Transport should be doing.

We could end transport congestion in less than 12 months and at half the cost of new roads with Minto for Mayor’s plans for free and frequent public transport.

At the moment we have two bad alternatives – expensive travel by bus or car.

However making buses and trains fare-free will give Aucklanders two great choices – either take a free bus or train with free wifi or drive your car on a congestion-free road.

The road to the future is with Minto for Mayor."