Friday, July 26, 2013

Tallinn, Estonia, offering to spread #freetransit to nearby towns

ERR: "In an interview with, Tallinn Deputy Mayor Taavi Aas said that the city is hoping to cooperate with surrounding municipalities and the state to extend the free public transport service.

Aas said Tallinn would gladly extend bus routes to nearby local governments, and allow residents of those municipalities to enjoy the perks of free transport, if the local governments were willing to co-finance the project.

He said an agreement is in place with Viimsi, which is partially serviced by Tallinn's buses, but other municipalities, like Maardu, do not have the means to participate.

The city is cooperating with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in creating a more efficient park and ride system, which could allow residents of neighboring municipalities to use Tallinn's public transport for free, Aas said."