Sunday, July 14, 2013

Free public transport can cure traffic congestion for less than half the cost of road-building

Minto slams proposals for $12 billion burden on Aucklanders | Scoop News: "Today’s announcement of proposals to raise another $400 million per year for 30 years ($12 billion in total) from Aucklanders to pay for huge roading projects is an outrage.

Early reports indicate that Mayor Len Brown’s “consensus building group” will today propose

·         rates increases
·         extra fuel taxes
·         congestion charges
·         motorway charges
·         toll roads
This is typical of the dull 1950s thinking that roads, roads and more roads will stop congestion. (Two thirds of this extra money will be for proposed roading projects)

Nowhere in the world has any city been able to tarseal its way out of gridlock.

Minto for Mayor’s proposal is for an end to gridlocked Auckland roads within 12 months at less than half the cost of Len Brown’s proposals."

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