Friday, July 12, 2013

Oil and the #waronwomen

Imagine you are a reporter attending an oil industry meeting with top investors... and you report:

Corporate News Network, Saturday, July 13, Chicago. A very private meeting at a very private club, and top oil investors hold a strategy session with top industry executives. Electoral politics is the topic. A veteran political strategist addresses the group:

"We are losing our electoral coalition, the anti-gay vote has almost dissolved, and this climate change business is not going away. What's worse, fewer and fewer young people can be counted on to vote our way based on race. The gun thing is misfiring."

"Social issues are difficult to manage, and the tea party has not succeeded in getting us away from them."

"We need to do something, and fast. We have billions in fixed assets at stake. We need people in government that will keep people driving cars, allow energy exports, and prevent any environmental legislative craziness."

"We still have our ace-in-the-hole, the Christians. We'll just have to double down. Let's have the Christians focus on re-building a moral majority. Tell the Christians to get women back under control. That should work."

All: "Amen."