Sunday, January 5, 2014

Don't let #falseflag actions work. Expose them.

The people in Mexico City are mounting very strong mass protest against the Metro fare hike. As predictable as the sunrise, a group of admittedly hired vandals has appeared and defaced the Metro posing as protesters. They even have a brand, "Team Destructo."

This is an attempt by someone in power to smear the protest. By the time the evidence comes out that it is a trick, it will be too late. People in the know need to speak out and expose this tactic.

Around the world the fight for free transit or against fare hikes strikes the one percent where it hurts most. They desperately need us to keep driving cars and burning oil. If demand for oil falls too fast, financial collapse will come quicker.

Just a note on the crazies. If you search on social media for "provocateur" or "false flag" you will run into a lot of craziness. This is organized and intentional to keep you away. Just approach it like a flea market, sort through the junk and find the truth.

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