Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why #carbontax won't work

  • It won't be fair. You will pay, corporations will not. Just like current taxes.
  • It won't be transparent. By the time it passes it will be 10,000 pages.
  • You will spend years fighting for it for nothing, while effective solutions go begging for your time.
  • Developed countries are exporting their emissions now, and will just do more.
  • The proceeds of the tax will be used for more #autosprawlsubsidy.
We don't need it. Just stop subsidizing wasteful practices. Stop taking taxpayer money to support development that is car-dependent and/or wasteful in heating/cooling costs, aka, sprawl. The best way to stop subsidizing sprawl is to take the albatross of fares off the neck of our public investments in public transit. Why spend money on public transit and then more money to collect and enforce fares, which discourages usage and raises unit costs? When buses are free, you will see all kinds of costs in your city go down. They will go down much more that the tiny amount you are extracting with fares.