Thursday, January 16, 2014

World Bank lists some the costs of #autosprawl and benefits of #publictransit

Transforming Transportation for More Inclusive, Prosperous Cities | Transport for Development: "In Mexico City, Mexico, traffic congestion forces 20 percent of workers to spend more than three hours commuting to work each day, and chronic traffic congestion in Cairo is estimated to cost up to US$8 billion per year -- about 4% of Egypt's GDP. Sustainable transport solutions can help recover the financial value of hours of productivity lost – Line 3 of Mexico City’s bus rapid transit (BRT) system, Metrob├║s, has saved US$142 million in travel time alone.

Similarly, investing in sustainable transport infrastructure improves road safety for users across all modes of transport, including passengers on public transport, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Because traffic crashes currently claim 1.2 million lives every year and are predicted to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030, investment in pedestrianization and cycling infrastructure could be a game-changer. The vastly publicized pedestrianization of Times Square has also benefited businesses as foot traffic has increased; Times Square has become one of the 10 most successful retail destinations in the world since the beginning of its transformation. "

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