Saturday, January 4, 2014

US in Iraq, mission accomplished, anarchy

euronews: "BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi troops trying to retake Anbar province from a mixture of Islamist and tribal foes battled al Qaeda fighters in Ramadi on Saturday after shelling the western region’s other main city, Falluja, overnight, tribal leaders and officials said."
Why it the US turning countries into Mad Max worlds of anarchy? Because they send in the troops not to build or stabilize, but to keep China and Russia out. It takes 150,000 US/Nato troops in Afghanistan to keep out one pipeline-builder from China.

It is only natural for countries like Iran and Iraq to make deals with their neighbors. The US cannot afford to cede control of such energy sources large enough to sway the global economy. If the locals won't sign, in come the troops.

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