Friday, January 24, 2014

The head of the International Association of Public Transport opposes #freetransit. Let's look at his reasoning.

Below is a Google Translate of comments from the head of the UITP. It's no surprise that he opposes free public transport, the oil industry would have him out of office otherwise. But let's examine his reasoning.

He gives the common right-wing, misanthropic talking point about people trashing anything free. This canard, along with most right-wing bumper-sticker philosophy, has been around for many years. But where are the studies to back it up? It is not the common people who trash the environment, it is the rapacious profit-system which has no time or money for public-space investment. That is documented, and intuitively obvious as well. This guy should hang out with the Singapore Brit who think public transit riders are poor and stink.
Free public transport? Buses are experiencing siege: "Not everyone is convinced to free transport. In an interview with service head of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), Alain Flausch admits that he is opposed: - The belief that something should be free, is a kind of wishful thinking that something I "just like that" should be . This means that the service has a minimum value or do not exist at all. But remember that someone always pays. Flausch likes to compare this system to your own garden. - If you own land that is fenced and accessible to all, will soon appear on the garbage and various garbage thrown there by people. The solution is to fence. Similarly, with public transport. If it is free, it is not anyone's property. This results in a loss of quality - highlights."