Friday, May 13, 2016

Eloquent call for #freetransit in Barbados "I therefore seek to promulgate a new type of thinking with regards to public transport in Barbados. I recommend a fare-free public transportation system. Others have floated ideas of government/private sector marriage or breaking up of routes to a higher cost to the user. These ideas carry benefits to the private sector primarily and are not productive in a social democracy.
Public transport affects commerce, education, societal order, rural development, external investment, the environment and national expenditure. This is our chance to construct a public transportation system that drives the orderly and beneficial development of the above-mentioned strands of Barbados.
If we were to put the National Insurance Scheme in the mirror, we would see a reflection of how to finance such a parallel for transportation free to the daily user, but bringing tremendous benefits to the country. Individual contributions, when taken together and financially managed, can secure the future of the nation.
Connor Beaton of the Scottish Socialist Party argues for fare-free transportation in Scotland. He says: “There is a strong economic, social and environmental case for adopting this policy throughout the country. There is also precedent from successful fare-free public transportation schemes in parts of France, Germany, Belgium and Estonia as well far-flung cities in China and the United States. We have evidence of the policy’s affordability and benefit.”"

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