Monday, May 9, 2016

ISIS the tip of an iceberg

For centuries colonial powers slashed, burned, and looted their way through the world. Even north America felt the sting.

When capitalism took over, things got worse.

Now the tide is turning. The complex society of capitalism, technology, and cheap energy is no longer sustainable. Actually, it never was sustainable, it just survived on the lag between deferred costs and the time of payment. But now, in liquid fuels, the crash has begun. Every joule now costs more joules, every day. It cannot go the other way. Printed money has helped to defer payment, but the debt due to nature will be paid, one way or another. There is no man-made law, real or imagined, that is above the laws of physics.

Corporate capitalism, though monopolistic, is still a system of competition. Now the competition is for the last of the easy-to-get liquid fuel, the oil under Kirkuk, Iraq. The war for this oil, and other lesser reservoirs, has opened up the flood gates of centuries of anti-colonial anger. There is no amount of propaganda or weapons to stop the coming flood. Accommodation is the only hope.

If you are a first-world resident, move to town, sell your car, campaign for free transit. Support free education for all children, oppose oil wars, fight racism, defend Muslims.