Friday, May 13, 2016

Supply-side action encouraged by eco-delayers

Get Ready for a Wave of Green Civil Disobedience, America | The Nation: " ... environmentalists around the world are staging a series of direct actions against fossil fuel–development projects, to make a statement that energy companies should not be allowed to carry on business as usual while the world burns. "
Magazine publishes militant-sounding article about the "uprising" against fossil-fuels. They leave out one thing. Fossil-fuels are sold because there is demand for fossil-fuels. When the demand stops, the sales will stop.

These eco-delayers are trying to misguide people into doing the impossible. To stop supply when demand is strong. There are many environmentalist groups pushing this ineffective supply-side idea. It's popular because no profits are really in danger. If you stop one pipeline, another will be built. If you stop one road, another will be built. There is a tsunami of people who want to live in an American-style leafy suburb. This is what you have to change. And the way to do it is to offer something better.

What is better? Cities with no cars.