Saturday, May 7, 2016

If you chase after celebrities and billionaires, expect false "solutions"

CleanTechnica: "Musk made reference to the massive subsidies provided to fossil fuel companies every year, a number stated by the International Monetary Fund last year as more than $5 trillion a year. The solution, Musk said, is to place a price on carbon via a tax on greenhouse gas emissions or the carbon content of fuels."
Clean Technica has now confirmed it is a delayer site. It's job is to keep you chasing after false solutions to climate and energy. If you are confused, simply go to your high-school physics. Ask the teacher about the laws of thermodynamics. Economics is a social science. Created by man. It can be manipulated. But physics cannot. Don't look to celebrities and billionaires. Make buses fare-free. Carbon tax is easily faked. Don't fall for it.