Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Growth, not fossil-fuels, the real problem.

A lot of people who should know better are joining up to attack fossil-fuel supply. But fossil-fuel suppliers are responding to demand, subsidized demand, but still demand.

Capitalism needs growth. But to save the biosphere, people need degrowth. We don't have time for useless campaigns that make no economic sense.

When there are no customers, the suppliers will stop.

Here is how to reduce energy demand. Fare-free urban buses will reduce use of private autos. Cities will be more roomy and pleasant. As private autos lose critical mass, the subsidies that keep them going will be seen as a burden.

People will move to the city. Education will become more important than creating more farm-hands. Birth rates will drop. The cities will gradually revert back to walking and cycling. Energy waste will drop. Energy suppliers will lose political power. A virtuous circle.